Native Bebe's Workshops are one of a kind workshops, where I come and work with your class/group. I will supply all material, equipment and supplies you need which makes it easy for you and your class. My workshops are a place where a beginner can feel comfortable working on easy instructions to complete the specific tack.  

Available Workshops/Classes

Aboriginal Native Cuisine Cooking Class

Cradleboard Making Workshop

Dream Catcher Making Workshop

Leather Hide Mitten Making Workshop

Medicine Wheel Making Workshop

Mossbag Making Workshop

Pow Wow Regalia Making Workshop

Moccasin Making Workshop
Native Wall Hanging Decoration

Medicine Pouch Making Workshop

Beading Jewelery Making Workshop

Baby Mukluk Making Workshop

Our Mission

Native Bebe's Workshops is a women-owned business providing an inspirational, supportive environment for other native youth, adults, and elders. Everyone enjoys expressing their individuality by creating their own cradleboards, mittens, etc.

Tools, supplies, and advice are available in a professional yet comfortable workspace that encourages the free exchange of ideas between all skill levels.

We are currently stocked with:

Sewing Machines & Equipment

Sewing Tools and Supplies

Fabrics and Leather Hide

Pattern Paper and Design

Cooking Equipment

Our Product and Services Include:

Workshop time - friendly positive environment with easy instructions

Materials - sewing equipment, fabric, leather and pattern paper, etc..

Weekend Class Available (winter)

Group Lessons ( 6-35 people-depending on workshop)

Please contact Native Bebe with any questions or inquiries you may have at

Aboriginal Native Cuisine Cooking Class

Chef Hiawatha is one of a handful of up-and-coming First Nations chefs who may well make aboriginal cuisine the next big thing on the local culinary scene. She develops a menu inspired by traditional aboriginal flare which everyone will love. This class cover basic cooking and baking techniques, nutrition, kitchen safety, sanitation and dining etiquette.

While offering a variation of menu idea's—grilled salmon, a turkey club with chokecherry jelly on fried scone,  wild rice casserole and Indian corn soup, for example.  These classes are give the opportunity to upgrade their education and obtain hands-on cooking experience. This class gives the opportunity for youth to help them enter culinary-training.

Cradleboard Workshop

Modern Version - This excellent 1 day workshop is ideal for new mothers/fathers, aunts/uncles, even grandparents. You will complete a beautiful cradleboard, by simple sewing instructions, while adding your own color and design. All supplies and material are supplied. Group size limited 7-20 participants. 12 yrs +



Older Version - This skilled workshop is also ideal for any who is expecting an new arrival, or anyone who just wants to learn something new. Workshop includes, carving, painting and sewing. All supplies and material are supplied. Group size limited 6-18 people. 16 yrs+


Dream Catcher Workshop

Spend a rustic day crafting dream catchers with precious beads, leather hide and feathers. You will enjoy one of the most popular creations of native people and based on the Ojibwa legend, this craft was a gift, to ensure safe dreams. This course is open everyone.

All supplies and material are supplied.  Group size limited to 15-35 participants. This course is open to everyone.


Leather Hide Mitten Workshop

 This 2 day workshop is ideal for winter enthusiasts. You will construct a warm and beautiful pair of leather hide mittens. Can dress them with fur, beads and fringes. All supplies and material are supplied. Group size limited to 6-15 participants. 15 yrs +



Medicine Wheel Workshop  

Medicine wheels are symbols of peace and unity and are generally comprised of a circle with a cross in the middle. In First Nations culture they are considered a symbol of many nations coming together.

Spend a afternoon designing your own personal medicine wheel while learning the teaching at the same time.  We'll guide the workshops with all supplies and materials and participants are encouraged to bring there own personnel items which they would like to add to their wheel.  All supplies and material are supplied. Group size limited to 15-35 participants. This course is open to everyone.

 Mossbag Making Workshop

  This 1 day workshop that is designed to teach new parents and other interested individuals how to conduct traditional mossbags. Each participant will make a moss bag. The teaching is integrated with the craft. All supplies and material are supplied. Group size limited 7-15 participants. 12 yrs +

Pow Wow Regalia Making Workshop  

Youth, Children, Adults, Elders!  Everyone is welcome to come and learn what POW WOW Dances mean and to learn a few of the dances.  Learn about both Male and Female Pow Wow DANCES and some basic info about the regalia and the dance.

Native Bebe powwow regalia making workshop will bring together American Indians dancers from different tribes to share their Inter tribal powwow dances. Summer time is pow wow season for many tribal people. The inter-tribal/traditional pow wow is always a chance to see old friends and make new ones. This workshop is an opportunity to learn to dance, listen to the different songs and styles of pow wow music and appreciate and respect new or different tribal regalia. At the same time it is an opportunity to take pride in ones own culture and participate in tribal celebrations. Many Tribes and organizations in Canada and the US host summer pow wows. The parents will be provided with material and instructions on how to make their children's powwow regalia.

All the individuals who will be participating in the powwow regalia workshop will be asked to bring with them an index card describing what type of dancing they want to learn. The instructor will began working with them on their regalia. .

Pow wow Regalia's

Girls/Ladies Cloth Dress
Girls/Ladies Buckskin Dress
Girls/Ladies Fancy Shawl
Girls/Ladies Jingle Dress

Boys/Mens Grass Dance
Boys/Mens  Traditional
Ribbon Shirts/Vests


Each participant will make their own pair of mukluks, made with leather and sinew,

and can be decorated with trim, beads and fur!






 Please contact Native Bebe with any questions or inquiries you may have at