The Cradleboard or in the Ojibway language Tikkanaagan have been used for generations to carry

infants while keeping babies safe and comfortable.  North American Indians indicate that it

was common practice to cradleboard newborn children until they were able to walk, 

although many mothers continued to swaddle their children well past their first birthday.

Babies were wrapped in a moss bag and securely bound to a thin cushioned board for more longer content

sleeps so they  wouldn't jerk and wake themselves up. Cradleboards keep the child's backbone and legs

straight,further strengthen the neck muscles, and provide an opportunity for the infant to enhance

their vision and hearing senses while being stimulated by

his/her environment and family.   


  Today many aboriginal people across Canada still use a traditional cradle board to keep their babies safe and protected.  Usually made with pine or cedar wood and laced together with thin strips of leather.

   Natives believe the flat boards will give a baby a strong, straight back, and that a soft supporting pad will help the

 infant form a nice rounded head.  The Cradle board is smudged with prayers, songs and good thoughts for the baby. There are many native teachings on the cradle board that vary with nations across North America. 

When babies are in a cradleboard they see the world as mom and dad see it, they listen to your conversations,

or while being rocked to sleep they recognize the rhythm of your breathing, your walking and your touch.

All this makes for increased awareness and stimulates speech and emotional development, and is known to  dramatically decreases crying and sooth colic.  Not to mention that you will feel much closer to your baby.

Whether you're cleaning around the house, heading to a pow-wow  or just  want some hands-free time while keeping you baby close, a  cradleboard is the best solution.  Here at the Native Bebe  Shop, we've got all kinds of choices for you. Plus what makes my cradleboards authentic is that you'll never see two alike!

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 My Native Cradleboards were born out of my love for my daughter

 and my native Ojibway culture, threw cradleboards and it’s

teachings help ensure our sacred heritage is preserved and our

 cultures stay vibrant.  I also wanted to make something that would

 pay tribute to the spiritual bond between a mother and her child.

 And cradleboards are a way for mothers to have their babies with

 them at all times. Furthermore, I also make miniature cradleboards

 with baby dolls to teach the young girls, the skills necessary to

 nurture a child and also to be proud of our native beliefs and family


 Native American history tells us there were many different varieties, and my Cradleboards are my interpretations of what I thought cradleboards might be like in these modern days. At Native Bebe, you'll find special infant newborn mossbags in a variety of selections to choose from, all handmade.  We offer cute cradleboards for boys and girls,

uniquely crafted with a fine blend of style, skill and materials.I hope you enjoy your precious one as much as I enjoy creating them for you. Thank-you / Mii-gwetch


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With the purchase of a Cradleboard or Mossbag includes:

 Instructions Sheet (How to use Cradleboard/Mossbag)

 Brief Description of the History behind the Cradleboard/Mossbag

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