We're very glad you came across our site. Launched in January 2010, Native Bebe is a Canadian based company offering unique, high quality baby and children's aboriginal clothing and accessories. Every item we sell is selected and made with care and detail to bring you something special or hard to find. 

 Native Bebe is a Native American company owned and operated by an Ojibwa women. Native Bebe specializes in promoting Aboriginal clothing and providing parents and families with Aboriginal clothing and learning tools, to help ensure our sacred heritage is preserved and our culture stay vibrant. This site was designed with Canadian shoppers in mind to save you the guesswork of shopping over the border. We are an independent company based out of Wahnapitae First Nation.

 Native Bebe was born out of the owner's love for her daughters and her native Ojibwa culture.  It is her passion to operate her own native owned business because of the strong love she has for her daughters.  She wants to teach them and other children/families about their Aboriginal culture and heritage; she doesn't want to risk losing their sacred language or spirituality.  Native Bebe also wants to pay tribute to the spiritual bond between a child and their families and cradle boards, powwow regalia's and learning Cd's are a way for this to happen.  Native Bebe wants to provide the opportunity for children and their families to be proud of their Native beliefs and family traditions.